Bak Zhang (Chinese Meat Dumplings)

This is like the long-overdue bak zhang entry. Seriously craving for it right now and then it hit me that I have forgotten to post photos of them!

It has been a custom for my dearest mommy to make them for my dad’s colleagues, workers and all our relatives. However, this year, I managed to butt in and learn from her!

It was a tedious process I would. So much work put into every single ingredient and not forgetting the wrapping part. I created so many weird shapes. hah! Taste remains the same though!

My ex-colleagues love it so much that they refused to believe I was the one who made it. WHAT IS THIS??

We made like 70 the first time. Cleared it within a week plus and went on to make a 2nd batch of around 50. How awesome is that!

I couldnt help but boast that it’s even better than what people are selling out there!


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