Joo Chiat has always been one of my favourite hang-outs. Reason being……..


You can find so much nice food there! Like the awesome durian puffs to the nostalgic kaya toast and how could we forget all the pastry stores that are tucked at various inconspicuous corners.


So one day, the boyf and I were there for dinner when this shop caught our eyes!


I’m sure this shop is no stranger to those who loves to have their cakes customized. Click on link if you have yet to hear about them. Cherylshuen.

So we parked and headed straight to the shop. A really simple shop with minimal decorations; just a table and few chairs and also a few display of her masterpiece. The cake fridge was almost empty!

Since it was before dinner, we decided to share a piece of cake. Boyf ordered his favourite fruit flavoured cake, namely passionfruit and mango or better known as the Tropicana.

Really love the blend of colours!

However, the cake was a little disappointing. Even though the mango and passionfruit blend is very refreshing, the mousse taste as if it is thickly laden with sugar. The passionfruit curd sandwiched in between the cake layers did little to salvage the overall sweetness. The texture of the cake also fall short from our expectation. It was a tad too crumbly and somehow the mousse doesnt stay nicely on the cake. As such, after the first bite, the top simply gets dislodged.



Boyf and I concluded that perhaps we chose the wrong flavour. So probably we should go back and try again! Or perhaps…….. Their expertise simply lies in the area of their fondant designs? ((:


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