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Girl over Flowers

Nope. It’s not Boys over flowers but Girls over flowers! Woots! Made these for sis’s classmate’s birthday.


All You Need Is Love

This is definitely one of my signatory works.
Made it for my sister’s friend. Think it was for some anniversary thingy…

The base was oreo since it is the all-time favourite and topped with a pastel pink buttercream.

I used chocolate, dark and white with raspberry, as the main decor. Dark chocolate to signify the bitter-sweet love affair. After every rough patch, the love is still not lost. The white raspberry chocolate to signify the sweetness and richness of the relationship even though sometimes there’s a little jealousy.

The cupcakes are then completed with a purple ribbon to complement the pink buttercream.

Hope they sweetened up their day. And the many days to come.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to learn how to frost more properly. With that, I tried to practise a little.

Buttercream frosting with candies!


Then I decided to make some more but with chocolate coated gummy this time!

I scream, you scream. We all scream for CUPCAKES!


So I was saying that my cupcakes became more visually appealing. Evidences are as follow…


I made this series for my birthday. If I remember correctly, the theme was pink and white. And the flavour was the all-time favourite, OREO!


Then I went on to learn how to handle fondant.


Meanwhile, my lazy evil twin took over and I lost touch with fondant moulding… Till the birthdays of my sister’s aka The Little Flower (TLF) classmates.
I decided to come out of my dormant state and create these!


The theme was Princess! ^^ and there were three of them!




NOTE: Do not consume the fondant. I repeat, DO NOT consume the fondant. It’s going to give you a sugar coma! 


I’ll try to load more photos. World Cup tonight! Woots…